8 exercises to train your arm muscles

The fitness experts will train their arm muscles the most often and very intensively. The arms are subdivided into the upper arms (above the elbow) and forearms (under the elbow). 

 The 3 best and most simple attributes for high quality arm muscle exercises are:

Handbags / dumbbells' (2)
Tension spring / 'expander' = handles with feathers in between (1)
In order to train your grip and squeeze, you can also purchase 2 hand springs, or "grippers".
Long dumbbell with barbell / barbell (1)

Top 8: Best Army Exercises ...

If you want to exercise your arm muscles effectively and effectively, you need to do a lot of different arm muscle exercises. Exercises for the arm muscles should be as varied as possible to address all muscle groups in your arms. Here are the top 8 arm muscle exercises that train all your muscles.

1. The 'Seated Hammer Curl'

The 'seated hammer curl' is performed with two dumbbells. You take a dumbbell in each hand and sit on a narrow chair, stool or fitness bench. You make your arms hang down as close as possible to the floor. This is your starting point.

You keep your upper arms and elbows silent and move the hand weights with your forearms (calm & controlled) towards your shoulders and back again ... Like striking with two hammers on an anvil. You hold your back during this arm muscular exercise as right as possible. The seated hammer curl is an excellent exercise to train your arm muscles because you can take him anywhere.

2. The 'Arm Curl'

The (standing) 'arm curl' belongs to the arm muscle exercises that everybody should do. This exercise to train your arm muscles is very easy and at the same time very effective. He is easy for beginners and if you are experienced, you can easily add additional weights.

You can perform the 'arm curl' with a barbell curl or with two dumbbells (dumbbell curl). You grasp the weight by hand (palms upwards) and put your legs on shoulder width. You press your upper arms against your body and your elbows in one and the same place.

With your forearms you move the weight towards your chest by bending your forearms toward your upper arms. Finally, let the barbell or dumbbells rest slowly to the starting position. During exercise, keep your arm muscles on tension continuously. Make sure you are straight and your knees are bent a little.

3. The 'Dumbbell Kickback'

Grab a dumbbell in the left hand. Support your right knee, right foot and right hand on a fitness bench and hold your upper and upper arm parallel to the couch. Your forearm hangs straight down: this is your starting position.

Bring your forearm with your hand lever calmly & controlled, in line with your upper arm and back. Eventually the halter is at your buttocks. Finally, lower the forearm in the starting position. The 'One Hand Row' is the same exercise, but from top to bottom instead of the buttocks.

4. The 'bench press'

Again, you need a sturdy bench or rather a bank bank. You'll lie down on the bench with your back and take a long dumbbell with weight shafts on shoulder width in your hands.

You move the barbell from your chest as far as possible above your chest and back again. Repeat this motion several times. Banking prints are controlled, controlled and slow. Heavy weights are more important than large numbers.

5. The 'Barbell Triceps Extensions'

For 'barbell triceps extensions' you will pick up a long dumbbell with weight discs on shoulder width. Then you are on shoulder width or sitting on a bench. Stretch your arms above your head: this is your starting position.

Drop the barbell to the back of your head and then raise it up above your head. This step is repeated several times. You keep your back straight and let your arm muscles do the work during this arm muscle exercise. You can therefore carry out the 'barbell triceps extension'.

6. The 'Overhead Barbell Press'

For the overhead barbell press, you need a sturdy fitness bench, but more preferably a 'print couch', 'bank press bank' or 'bank printing machine'. You will lay on the bench with your back and hold a long dumbbell with weight discs on shoulder width. You push the barbell as far as possible above your chest: this is your starting position.

You allow your upper arms to bend through the halter just above your crest and push it back to your chest. This movement repeats you several times. The Overhead Barbell Press' is not an arm muscle exercise for beginners, because you can get pressed under the barbell.

7. The 'Lateral Raises'

The lateral raise is ideal for your triceps. You let the dumbbells hang on both sides of your body and then extend your arms to the outside as far as possible. You perform this exercise as verified as possible. You can do the lateral raise, standing or sitting.

8. The 'Triceps Press'

The 'triceps press' or 'French press' is a good exercise to train your arm muscles. With the dumbbell triceps press you hold a dumbbell in every hand. You stretch your arms as far as possible on shoulder width above your head: this is your starting position.

Slowly lower the dumbbells to your head and then move them back to their starting position. This movement keeps repeating you. You keep your back straight and resist all the strength with your arm muscles. The 'dumbbell triceps press' is a heavy arm muscle exercise, depending on the weight of the dumbbells. If you are experienced, you can also use a barbell for a heavier barbell triceps press.

And those are the 8 arm muscles exercises.
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