Great meat substitutes?

If you wanna skip some meat days, or not eat any meat at all we will discuss some great meat substitutes.

Meat and fish are indeed important
In meat and fish are nutrients such as iron, zinc, protein and healthy fats.
You do not  have to eat meat or fish in order to get these substances but the iron in meat are a little difficult to replace. You can find iron in, broccoli and spinach but you may not get enough of it every day. A nutritional supplement with iron can therefore help you if needed.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fatty fish are also very healthy and important for various body functions.

There are few foods as versatile as eggs.
There is the myth that eggs increase your cholesterol if you eat more than three a week, but after recent research, that has been adjusted to two per day.

Nuts are healthy and are a great meat substitute, they contain a lot of protein and other very good nutrients.

Nuts are good for the heart
Nuts are very healthy for the heart. Various scientific research has shown that the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases when people regularly eat nuts. Cholesterol deposits on the blood vessel walls are made less quickly when eating nuts.

The problem with nuts is that they contain a lot of calories, a handful of nuts are still a good way to go. Although some experts say eating nuts will not let you gain extra weight.

Tofu is a soy product from Asia. Soy is a good protein source for vegetarians, the percentage of proteins is almost as high in tofu as in meat

There are currently plenty of ongoing experiments with these good meat substitutes.

Quorn, is a very healthy meat substitute. It is made from fungi and contains a lot of proteins.

Legumes are fruits that consist of leaf on the outside and seeds on the inside.
Legumes not only contain protein but also is a good source of iron.

Here are some legumes:
Chick peas
Black, white and brown beans
Lima beans
Kidney beans

Ready to eat meals
While vegetarian food is getting more popular the supermarkets are also packed with all kinds of meat substitutes. But those  substitutes are not always healthy for you they contain many E-numbers and trans fats that are not good for you.

Eating meat substitutes is good for the environment
Eating less meat is good for the environment.
The production of a pound of meat costs about 11,250 liters of water. And the consumption of meat has a very big contribution to global warming. If more people would eat less meat, demand would fall and less meat would have to be produced. This would lead to a reduction in greenhouse gasses, and deforestation. Most of the crops are currently being grown for feeding livestock, not humans.

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