Iodine how much do you need?

The amount of iodine in products?
Iodine is a mineral that most people especially know as a disinfectant. What's forgotten is that you also need it in your food! You need very little of it a day to keep working properly.

A shortage of iodine has nasty consequences. Why is this mineral so important? And what to eat if you want to get enough of it?

Iodine deficiency symptoms
An iodine deficiency can have major consequences. In adults, this occurs mainly by the thyroid gland. It can only function with sufficient iodine in stock. If there is a shortage, this important organ will slow down. The thyroid also swells up.

This affects your nervous system and metabolism: you can gain weight, get sick or get painful cramps, become forgetful and sometimes even depressed. For children the effects are possibly even worse because iodine is also essential for balanced and healthy growth. Children who get too little of it are thus experiencing a growth problem. The learning ability is also strongly reduced.

How much iodine do you need?
Most adults have enough of  μg 150 a day. Only when you are pregnant or giving birth or needs to give breastfeeding will that amount increase. Pregnant women are advised to eat 175  μg a day, and breastfeeding women need 200  μg.

For children depending on their age, they need about 50 to 120  μg per day. Your thyroid gland is also excellent for storing large amounts of iodine! Therefore, you do not have to get 150 μg  daily, if you're on average that's good enough.

Iodine in food
For example, you can get iodine from the following foods:

Smoked salmon

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