Is apple syrup healthy for you?

Apple syrup sounds really healthy right? Not that strange because it contains the word apple, because of this it is added to a lot of healthy spread lists. But it's a shame that the truth is not that simple. The problem is that apple syrup not only contains apples.

Apples are healthy, but the syrup contains more than apples.
It would be pretty expensive for manufacturers to exclusively use apples, because of this a lot of manufacturers replace some of the apples by sugar beets. how much of it is replaced varies. but it's around 70 percent!

Syrup with exclusive apples in it.
Some brands, really use only apples: But they need 700 gram of apples for only 100 gram of syrup, which can become expensive.

Vitamins and minerals
The nutritional value of apple syrup isn't the same for all. Apples and sugar beet of course doesn't contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals

On average, apple syrup contain a lot of b vitamins: B1, B2 and B6. However, minerals contribute to the healthy part of the syrup. Apple syrup contains sodium and especially potassium, which is beneficial to your blood pressure. There is also phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

So is apple syrup healthy?
That depends on which you buy, most apple syrup that contains the sugar beet isn't healthy and can better be avoided. So you ask now, what about the rare brand that does contain only apples? Well it does contain a lot of calories so if your on a diet eating much of it is not recommended, but eating some is not bad.

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