Sleeping in the heat

The heat at daytime can be fun but trying to sleep with that weather can be a nightmare and can be dangerous for the body (overheating), here are some tips to get you through the night.

Make use of your fan

Your fan can be your best friend in that heat, here are some tips to use it better.

Place your fan around a source of cool air, the fan takes air and blows it out so the cooler the air it takes in the better for you.

Position your fan in a way that it blows the warm air out of the room. At the evening open your window so that it gets replaced by cooler air.

You can place something cool in front of the fan like a towel, the air will flow around it turning it cooler.

If you think the fan is making too much noise you can buy a fan with a timer that will turn it off when you decide.

Use the outside air the smart way

Most people just open the windows, doors and every opening they can find. That is logical but not very smart. The smarter choice is keeping everything closed in the noon and open in the morning and evening. To keep those pesky mosquitoes out use some mosquitoes nets.

Cool down your body

You can of course also cool down your body before going to sleep which is useful if you have a hard time falling asleep.

Take a cool shower. It will cool down your body while you will try to go to sleep, the best way it going to sleep right after the shower otherwise, the shower will have little effect.

Place something cool on your feet or under your head, this will have a cooling effect on your entire body.

Some other tips

Turn off the tv, pc, laptop and other things that produce heat.

Go for a walk outside before going to sleep. It will cool down the body.

sleep without any clothes on.

Sleep downstairs. The warm weather is rising upwards so sleeping down stairs if cooler.
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