Which fruit contains the least calories?

Is fruit in secret a huge fat maker?

There is the idea that fruit is secretly gaining you fat. Therefore some say to not eat any fruit. Unfortunately, the most easy way to explain is you gain fat because you eat more calories than you need. That includes fruit.

Why do you need to eat fruit?
Because of fruit sugar, you often hear that you get fat fast. However, this does not need to be the case at all. The fibers present in fruit cause the fruit sugar to be slowly absorbed by your body. The blood sugar peak, which is usually very unhealthy, is much less common here than if you were to eat candy or cake.

If you generally not eat too much calories, fruit will just helps you feel full. Therefore no reason to not eat fruit. And there are a lot of reasons to eat fruit! Like vegetables, fruits are among the most healthy nutrients. Beside the many fibers they are packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and more.

Fruit as a dessert?

You often hear people say that you can not eat fruit after a meal. It would end up on top of the rest and therefore not be well digested. Fortunately, this is a fable.

Your body is well able to digest several types of nutrients at once, including fruit.Therefor fruit is a great and healthy dessert.

How many calories are there in fruit?

So you get as many different nutrients as possible by eating many types of fruit. And if you try to lose weight, it can help to choose less-calorie fruits. That way, you keep your overall energy intake lower.

Fruits with the least calories are usually the types that contain a lot of water. The list below contains all popular fruit types with less than 50 calories per 100 grams:

Strawberries: 29 calories
Raspberries: 35 calories
Red berries: 36 calories
Watermelon: 36 calories
Apple: 45 calories
Mandarin: 45 calories
Plum: 49 calories
Galia melon: 36 calories
Bulbs: 37 calories
Grapefruit: 37 calories
Peach: 41 calories


Fruit is healthy and is good for you, but like everything it does contain calories. So if you wanna lose weight always track what kind of fruit your eating and how much.

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