Losing that double chin

One of the most asked question from people who wanna lose weight is that hard to lose double chin. You can try to hide the double chin but you rather lose it. The chin is one of the most looked at body part so we rather not have a double chin. Losing weight is one good way of losing that double chin but did you know you can also train your double chin away? Well, we will discuss it further down here.

Having a double chin causes?
Having much overweight is, of course, a major cause of a double chin. That's why losing weight can help you get rid of that double chin. But this is probably not your only issue. A double chin can also be caused by weak muscles, a lack of exercise your diet or too much facial fat.

So you can lose your double chin, but how exactly?
There are multiple ways of making your double chin less obvious and maybe even get rid of it.

1. Of course losing weight
2. Train the muscles in your face
3. Good nutrition

Some exercises for your chin
These exercises will help you make your double chin less obvious by training the muscles in your face and increase the tightness of your skin.

Turn your head to the right and put your chin on your shoulder.
Slowly turn your head back to the center, keeping the chin down.
Then move your head to your left shoulder and put your chin on the left shoulder.
Don't make any force full movements and keep it relaxed.

Sit down.
Put your head backwards until you look straight up, but your neck must not be too tense.
Make a kissing movement with your lips. Holds this "kiss" for several seconds.
Make sure the rest of your face stays relaxed during the exercise.

Open your mouth so that you keep your under teeth and upper teeth apart.
Pull your lower lip over your teeth.
Move your lower jaw up and down.

Some other tips
Drink enough in one day. If you are drinking too little, your skin will slowly dry but definitely. In addition, your skin will also go faster.
Make sure your skin does not get too long in the sun and always provide enough sunburn.
A shower is better than long-term bathing. If you are in warm water for a long time, your skin will dry out in the long run.
If your makeup is used, look carefully at the brand's ingredients. Some very cheap brands consist of very many chemical components that adversely affect the quality of your skin.
Provide enough vitamin C per day. You usually get it in a healthy diet. Go for supplements differently.

Drinking enough water is a very important part to lose that double chin, if you don't drink enough it can dry the skin.
Taking a shower is better than taking a bath, your skin will dry faster if you soak it for a long time in warm water.
Cheap make up can affect your skin and there for your chin.
Taking in enough vitamin c is needed, if you can't take enough in by food you could use supplements.

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