Fresh vegetables or can vegetables, less healthy?

Does it matter if you eat fresh vegetables, vegetables from the freezer or canned vegetables? The conclusion is not what we expected.

Fresh vegetables
When you walk into the supermarket, you will see fruit and vegetable shelves. However, these fresh vegetables are not as fresh as we think. There is often a long journey from the farmer to your supermarket, so much is lost on the nutritional value. In addition, fresh vegetables require some time to prepare them. Washing, peeling, baking, cutting, cooking .

Vegetables from cans
Funny fact about canned vegetables: this is sometimes avoided, purely because people do not see what 'inside' is. That is why there is now also a more expensive, but exactly the same variant: jars of glass, so you can better see what you buy. After harvesting, the product goes to the factory. Here it is washed and stripped of everything that does not belong like dirt. The vegetables are then blanched for a few seconds or minutes (varying with vegetables and sizes) with steam and hot water. As a result, the texture is stabilized, the microorganisms are killed and the nutritional values of that moment are virtually preserved. The nutrients that are lost during this process are negligible. According to this website, canned vegetables are barely subsumed for fresh vegetables, because the vegetables are often processed for the can or pot within hours of the harvest. This is much faster than the fresh product from the supermarket, which can take days, sometimes weeks. Because the process is going so fast, so few nutrients are lost. The only drawback is that much salt is added to canned vegetables for the taste. The best way to prepare canned vegetables is to briefly heat them. Do not let it get too hot (because of this, nutrients are lost, as I explain in this blog).

Vegetable from the freezer
The vegetables from the freezer, and I mean the green beans, peas, etc. (which nothing else is added to), which, like the canned vegetables, are brought to the factory immediately after harvesting (this often happens within a few hours) . The frozen vegetables are blanched at the factory and then immediately frozen, according to this website. In this way the nutrients of the vegetable are preserved. When preparing vegetables from the freezer, it is important not to defrost the deep-frozen vegetables first. In addition, it is important to use little to no water during heating.

So the conclusion is that it does not matter whether you eat fresh vegetables, canned vegetables or from the freezer. Apart from the fact that too much salt is added to canned vegetables, few nutrients are lost in all processes. It is mainly about how the vegetables are treated with oxygen and heat. In order to get the most out of the nutritional values of vegetables, a vegetable garden is, of course, the best, but not everyone is possible for a long time.
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